Why Hire A Professional Deck Staining Service

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Having a deck is a fantastic luxury that you and your North Georgia family can enjoy. It allows you to use every portion of your property to the utmost. Whether you have an exotic hardwood deck or a pressure-treated lumber deck, it can last much longer if you renew the stain and sealant that protects the wood.

Did you know that some sealants only last a year? It’s true. How long has it been since your deck has been sealed? By refinishing the wood, you could enjoy your deck for decades instead of only a few short years. And yes, even pressure-treated lumber will last years longer than the 5-7 years it’s rated for if you keep it protected. But deck staining and sealing isn’t just for protection.

Deck Staining Enhances the Nature Beauty of Your Property

One of the reasons that it is great to have a deck is how it adds to the overall look and feel of your home. Wood is an amazing building material for a deck because the natural beauty of its warm color and unique grain patterns complement and enhances the property exterior. However, there are problems when the wood finish gets worn down and the deck is exposed to the weather.

Your beautiful deck will soon get dry and sun-bleached. The color fades out over time if the deck isn’t stained and sealed when it needs to be.

Wood is very absorbent and it takes a while for it to dry out. With frequent wetting and drying, the wood can warp and eventually start to rot in areas where it doesn’t dry out as much. This often happens at joints and underneath the deck area.

The sun’s UV rays also have a damaging effect on wood. This is why the sealants which resist UV ray damage are the best choice to make when staining and resealing the deck. Decks aren’t cheap to build, so it’s important to stain and seal the deck every few years. Unfortunately, many homeowners make the investment but don’t know that this maintenance will extend the life of the deck for many years to come.

Deck Staining & Sealing Professionals

The biggest reason that it’s best to hire professionals for your deck staining project is that we know the best methods to preserve the beauty and structural integrity of your deck for the longest time period possible. 

In every project we undertake, we seek to provide our customers with the highest quality services. This involves using quality stains and sealants, properly preparing the deck surfaces, and applying it all correctly. Did you know that different wood species need to be stained in certain ways? We also know all the different products and what kind to use on the different types of wood decks.

Deck staining takes some skill. While it’s true that this is exterior wood that isn’t as closely scrutinized as interior wood, you still don’t want the finish to look bad. At Elaran Painting, our North Georgia deck staining specialists know the best ways in which to ensure that this natural beauty is exemplified. 

With our expert help, you will be able to apply a stain that will work best for your deck. As always, all of our services will be customized to your unique needs. In this way, we can ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the newly revitalized look of your deck.

As such, before we stain your deck for you, our team can repair any damaged or splintered wood. We will thoroughly clean the surface of your deck before stain application. Afterwards, we can apply sealer to the surface of your deck. In the end, your deck will be exquisitely beautiful and will have the best protection from the elements possible. You and your North Georgia family will be able to fully enjoy your deck now and in the future. Call Elaran Painting for more information today!

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