House In Marble North carolina

Category: Exterior

This House is located in marble north Carolina. We applied two coats of Sherwin Williams SW6866 HEART THROB on the body of the house. The brand that we used was resilience The reason we use this brand is because this paint is very high quality and it is more resistant to the sun.which was very important in this project due to the fact it gets sun all day with out any shade,such circumstances it is very important you use a good quality paint. On the trim we used SW7005 Pure White. on this project First we pressure washed it we let it dry for 2 Day. After we caulked it only where it was necessary. there was no need to replace and damaged wood the house was in good shape. Then we applied the 2 coats on the body of paint finally we did the final coat on the trim. we took around 4 days to finish the job at the end the owner was very happy with the work we did as you can see in the picture.Exterior house  House in Marble Nc

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