How do I keep my landscaping from being hurt when we pressure wash?

This is a great question, and we hear it all the time. We’ve been doing it for years, and we’ll be sharing some of the things you should listen for when you talk to painters and pressure washers about what they will be doing.

There are several things good contractors do to protect your landscaping. Some are easy, and some take more effort.

One of the things that takes more effort is covering the plants with plastic to keep chemicals off the leaves.

Alberto pressure washing safely.

Alberto pressure washing safely.



Before doing that, we usually soak the ground with water to saturate the roots with water, so they don’t absorb any chemicals into them. We also wet down the leaves so they stay cool with the plastic on them, and don’t leave the plastic on when it’s hot and they are in the sun, or the plastic will trap the heat and cook the plants.


So, lets review.

1. Soak the ground

2. Pre-wet the plants

3. Cover with plastic, but not in the sun

4. Rinse when done.


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