How to Choose A Color for Andrews House Painting

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Andrews House Painting

Opting to go through with house painting for your Andrews home is a great decision and yet one of the hardest things to decide is what color to choose. Although your color choice doesn’t have to be permanent, the last thing you want to do is to invest the time, effort and money into getting a new paint job only to want to have it redone in just a few months. So, for one thing, it is a good idea to try to avoid making mistakes some homeowners make.

For one thing, make sure you don’t end up accenting unappealing features, like your gutters, air conditioning unit or flaws that you would otherwise like to draw attention away from. The wrong color might be nice but bring attention to things other than the color. Another thing to consider is to make sure you don’t forget to take into consideration the homes around you. It is a good idea to keep things sort of blended and cohesive; you can still stand out but keep it subtle.

Another consideration should be the landscaping; think about whether you are among a heavily wooded area or one that has flowers that bloom in bright colors. As with nearby homes, you want to create unity but maintain individuality without going overboard in either direction.

Other Things to Think About

Still not sure what color to choose? Why not drive around some neighborhoods that you like and take note of their color schemes. More than likely you will not see color trends and fads. Choosing a more simplistic color and using accent pieces and landscaping to add splashes of color will do the trick.

Color makes the first impression – so what will your home say about you with the new color your choose? Just as the wrong color can highlight features you don’t want noticed, it can also take attention away from details you did want noticed. Choose wisely, you can always start subtle and get more bold with the next color choice. It is mush easier to start more subtle and get more intense later than to do the opposite.

The Company to Choose

At Elaran Painting we work hard to not just meet the needs of our customers but exceed them. Which means it is important to us to help you make important decisions like what color to choose for your Andrews house painting. So, if you are ready to get started give us a call today. We look forward to helping take care of whatever task you have in mind.

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