Top 3 Reasons to Have Your Home Pressure Washed Before Painting


One of the best ways to improve your home’s appearance and to keep it healthy is to have its exterior repainted. However, it’s very important that you know that the paint job that you’re getting is of the highest quality possible. A low quality exterior paint job will quickly deteriorate and force you to have your home repainted much sooner than you would otherwise need to.

One way to guarantee the best possible exterior painting job is to hire the professional North Georgia painting contractors at Elaran Painting, who can provide you with excellent service from start to finish. Another is to make sure that you have your home pressure washed before it’s painted, which is a service that our contractors will be happy to provide.

Here are the top three reasons to pressure wash your home’s exterior before you have it painted:

1. Pressure Washing Will Give You a Longer-Lasting Paint Job

Pressure washing your home’s exterior will get rid of a lot of build-up that you may not even be aware of. Over time, dirt and particulate matter accumulate and build up all over your North Georgia home, and there’s most likely also a good deal of mold and mildew on your walls. Even if you can’t see these things, they’re probably lining a huge portion of your home’s exterior. If you paint your home while this grime is still on your walls, you’ll just be painting the build-up and not the actual walls, which can be a major problem.

When you paint over grime, fungus, or mold, you’ll see the paint start chip and peel away very soon. The paint will react to heat and rain much more quickly, and it will be very noticeable. Pressure washing is a great way to ensure that your exterior paint job will be a lasting one.

2. Your Garden Hose Want Do the Job

There really isn’t a DIY version of pressure washing your home’s exterior that is comparable to the service that a professional will be able to perform. You won’t be able to get the job done with any ordinary household equipment, and renting a pressure washer can be both expensive and dangerous. If you do attempt to wash your North Georgia home’s exterior on your own, you might be able to see a visible difference, but it’s often what you can’t see that will do the most damage over time.

3. Professionals Know Exactly What to Do—And What Not to Do

Our North Georgia painting contractors will be able to provide you with excellent pressure washing services that will get the job done, and we’ll be able to ensure that no damage is done to your property during the pressure washing.

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