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Ellijay Window Repair

Window RepairElaran Painting brings now its expertise on Window Repair services to Ellijay, GA.

Depending on the age of your home the windows could be a energy waster. The cold air in the winter and the hot air of the summer can pass by the old window of your home. You can update the triming around the window and keep the aesthetic look that you love. This will allow the windows to become less wastefull of the comfort of your home.

Elaran Window Repair Specialists can offer up-to-date modifications to your existing window to keep the air in your house at a comfortable tempature.


Our Ellijay Window Repair provides these detailed services

  • Wood Rot Repair
  • Window Molding Damage Repair
  • Window Molding Finishes
  • Window Molding Paint
  • Window Molding Stain
  • Window Molding Fill
  • Window Molding Replacement
  • Window Molding Patching


We provide Window Repair Services in the following areas:

Canton | Jasper | Ellijay | Blue Ridge | Blairsville | Hiawassee | Murphy

And more

Why Ellijay Should Hire Us For Their Window Repair

You will know what is being done, and exactly what it will cost, no surprises! There is no up front cost to you so you do not have to worry about contractor running off with your money, and you know you will be happy at the end, or you don't have to pay. You can rest easy knowing that we will come back and take care of your home. You will have choices, and the confidence knowing that you made a good decision in the durability of your home. Every challenge that you can encounter in painting or staining a house or building, Alberto and Manuel have already run into and solved years ago.

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  • If you are looking for a Northern Georgia Window Repair professional then please call 706-889-3112 or complete our online request form.