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Permanent Flower Beds For Your North Georgia Home

Permanent Flower Beds For Your North Georgia HomeIf you love flower beds, why not get started on building one or more for your North Georgia home? Why not try our North Georgia exterior service.

The best flower beds are started before the growing season. It starts with design and construction of a permanent structure made of stone, brick, pavers, rock, or other hardscaping materials.

If constructed before spring, then fertilizer application, irrigation, and other important things can be done to prepare the plants for optimal health and growth. When planting season arrives, the flower beds are completely ready to receive them.

Elaran Painting offers permanent flower bed construction in North Georgia. Give us a call and tell us about your favorite flowers and plants and all your ideas for new flower beds.

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Hardscape Edging for flower beds

Brick, pavers, and rock are beautiful as a flower bed edge. They also help to keep the soil and water in the flower bed where it belongs. Plus, a permanent edging such as this helps to keep weeds out of the flower bed. If you want a more permanent flower bed solution, hardscape edging is the right choice.

Elevated Flower Beds

Raising the flower bed offers a new dimension to a landscape. The height varies according to the design plan and needs of the homeowner.

One reason customers love an elevated flower bed is how easy they make weeding, planting, and general care of the plants or soil.

Raised-Bed Borders

Rather than elevating the entire bed, a raised-bed border is a little higher than normal. This is great for flower beds that are mounded or raised a little due to soil content, or for any flat flower bed as a design element.

Built-In Patio Flower Beds, Elevated or Not

A patio flower bed is built over the existing concrete or another hardscape surface. You may want to build a flower bed on your front or back porch. A built-in flower bed is perfect for these areas and can be constructed to any size. The materials used for the flower bed should go well with the color, texture, and materials that exist in the hardscape and home exterior siding.

At a front entry door, the flower bed can also serve as a design element or create a little privacy near the entrance. On the back porch or patio, a flower bed can be constructed to define the area and also add to the privacy of the patio.

If you are interested in building Flower Beds for your North Georgia home, please call 706-889-3112 or complete our online request form.